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Social Strategies is a terrific program. I highly recommend it for anyone who needs to better understand the intangibles of communication. What is unsaid often speaks louder than words.

Sue Rizzo

Mrs. Topolinski's class is a program for me to learn social skills to become a better person. I am learning to use these skills to help me communicate with my family and friends.

Sam L.

18 years old, Asperger's Syndrome

Mary, I’d like to thank you for all your help with our daughter.  Almost from the first session we saw positive change. Our daughter quickly made use of the Social Thinking® structure to problem-solve her own behavior. Who was she talking to? What was the situation? How should she modify her behavior accordingly? These may seem like simple questions to you and me but they never came naturally to her. Before, our daughter was on her own trying to figure out social interactions (and usually doing a pretty bad job of it). Now she has a tool in place to give her that helping hand. We’re amazed at how quickly she bought into the program and made use of it. Her school also said they saw a change. Plus our daughter loves and looks forward to the weekly groups and the monthly events. I know our daughter hasn’t been with the program very long but we just wanted to thank you for the help you’ve provided so far.  here’s definitely been a real change and a charge for the better.  Thanks again.

Bob and Perla H.

Social Strategies is one of the key pieces to the puzzle when in comes to helping my son Alex. Alex has autism and although he is very high functioning, he struggles with the most basic social tasks that most people take for granted. 

Why Social Strategies?  Alex has been in social groups at three different places. And Social Strategies was the best by far because of two things: curriculum and teachers. All the lessons are carefully planned, well organized and are important topics that Alex needs to improve his social skills. Finally, the teachers Alex has been in class with, Mary, Cynthia and Diana are the absolute best around. As a teacher myself, I know that the best planned lessons are not going to do the kiddos any good without a great teacher. These ladies truly care about Alex's progress and work with our family to do what is best for him. They are there for me as well as Alex. I give these wonderful ladies a lot of credit for the amazing progress that Alex has made. We couldn't have done it without them. 


A very grateful mother,

Linda Watson 

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