Student education coaching and

parent support

E-learning, homeschooling, online classes, hybrid school days! The options seem nearly endless these days and the maze can be confusing to navigate, tosay the least!

Student eLearning Coaching


Parent Support


Covid + Education = Parent Stress!



Do you feel like you need a little SUPPORT?  Does your learner need assistance?

Let’s work together to go from surviving to THRIVING!


Programs for parent support and student accountability that are tailor made for your family’s needs and budget.


· E-learners, hybrid students and homeschoolers ages 10 and above

· Assignment checks, project planning, study skills

· Collaboration with parents to discover and implement solutions for areas of challenge such as organization, scheduling, prioritizing, focus, and more!

· Onboarding appointment to discuss your family’s learning style, challenges, and goals!

· Written progress reports

· In-home visits, online, or a combination

· Space is limited

· Deadline to register September 4