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The Social Strategies Program

Social Strategies fills a need that traditional therapy doesn't. We are a place where clients can belong, connect with others, and learn how to be social in a fun and comforting environment. We continually tell our clients that we are not trying to fix them because they are not broken. We are giving them strategies and tools to use to navigate the complexities of the social world. We’ll never teach them WHAT to think, but we will teach them HOW to think and strategize.

Our program focuses on teaching clients to better understand social situations and to strategize new approaches for successful interactions with others to gain self-reliance and social confidence. We help kids 10 and up, teens, and adults who misperceive social cues, misinterpret intentions, struggle to relate to others, and experience awkwardness and dissatisfaction with their interactions at school, work, or in the community.

We support parents every bit as much as we support their kids by including weekly mini-sessions for parents at the end of every class so both parent and child have the tools and can problem solve together. We also offer parent coaching and workshops throughout the year.

Do you or someone

you know...


□ Struggle with social situations?


□ Have trouble making or keeping friends?


□ Dislike working in groups?


□ Misread social cues?


□ Freeze up with small talk?


□ Display black-and-white thinking?


□ Experience anxiety in social circles?


□ Talk too much about one topic?


□ Clash with co-workers or bosses?


□ Have no “brain filter”?


□ Misunderstand romantic relationships?


□ Feel lonely or isolated?


□ Have a diagnosis of ASD, ADHD, or NVLD?

The Social Strategies program

covers how to...


□ Think through social situations


□ Initiate conversations


□ Gain social confidence


□ Problem-solve new situations


□ Read the perspective of others


□ Communicate appropriately


□ Show interest in others


□ Discover “hidden social rules”


□ Reduce anxiety in social settings


□ Understand true friendships


□ Work with and approach groups


□ Develop independence

□ And so much more!

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