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Who would benefit from the Social Strategies program? 

Any child over age 10, teen, young adult, or adult who struggles to find social success or to interact with others at school, at work, or in life will benefit from the program.


For what age groups are classes offered? 

Various classes are available for grade schoolers (age 10 and over) through adults. 

College prep programs are geared for students going away to school for the first time.


Does my child need a diagnosis of Autism or ADD to enroll? 

No. Students join for a variety of reasons, whether they have a diagnosis or not. We meet people where their social needs are greatest, and customize the program accordingly.


What is the first step to enroll? 

Call us at 815-529-6555 or email to schedule a phone screening and explore if Social Strategies might be a good option for your needs.

How often are classes offered?  

Group classes begin in January, June and September. Individual sessions and additional groups are scheduled throughout the year.


What class days and times are available? 

Classes are available weekdays during after school and evening hours. Times will be determined upon enrollment. 

How do I know if an individual or a group class is better?

This will be discussed during the initial assessment as a decision between all parties.


Are students placed together by age? 

Yes. Careful consideration of individual student need determines class placement.  Great care is taken to place students of similar age and ability together, and to best accommodate the schedules of each individual family.

How many students are in each class? 

Group classes form with a minimum of two students and cap off at a maximum of four students.


What does a typical class look like? 

Our classes are individualized to meet the needs of the students and typically include check-in, a lesson, activities, games, role-playing, and hands-on interactions. Emphasis is placed on principles and vocabulary from the world-renowned Social Thinking® curriculum. Additional resources are used as well, to best meet the needs of our students.


Are parents involved? 

YES! The last 10 minutes of each class every week is set aside for parent education. Parents will be taught the same terms and concepts that their students were taught, and typically a hand-out is given to take home. This element makes our program unique and successful, and we are very proud to support parents in addition to their students.


Is this therapy? 

No. The Social Strategies program uses an entirely different framework than therapy. We have developed a program that comes from years of experience working with hundreds of students, in addition to implementing the Social Thinking® methodology. We are not therapists, and no therapy takes place in any of our classes.   


How much do classes cost? 

60-minute group classes of 2 to 4 students cost $55 per week

60-minute classes for individuals (one-on-one) cost $70 per week

45-minute classes for individuals (one-on-one) cost $55 per week


Are there any other fees? 

New students pay a one-time enrollment fee of $95, due upon enrollment.


When is payment due?  

Group and individual classes are pre-paid and due before the first class, or by prearranged payment plans.


What payment methods are available? 

Payment is accepted by cash, check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or through an emailed invoice. 


Does insurance cover the classes? 

The classes are educational in nature and are NOT covered by medical insurance. However, some people report success submitting receipts for reimbursement with flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts. Check your individual plan for details. Receipts are available via email.

Have additional questions? We'd love to help! Contact us. 

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