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Social Strategies began with one mom looking for answers. A mom that wanted the best for her kids and couldn't find what they needed.


In 2009, after attending a workshop by Michelle Garcia Winner of Social Thinking®, Mary Topolinski began implementing the methodology she learned there with her children and found that it worked! When she couldn't find any local providers offering the Social Thinking® classes for her kids, she knew that there had to be other families looking for this type of help for their children as well. Mary began by teaching the program to one student to see how it would go. It went so well that she so began teaching small groups of kids.

Mary then flew to San Jose, California to be trained by Michelle and her staff in the Social Thinking® curriculum and officially launched Social Strategies Inc.

Since then, Social Strategies has had the privilege of being a part of the transformation of the lives of hundreds of students and their families. In addition to using the Social Thinking® materials, we draw from many other sources, and have created a unique program with an individualized approach. We receive referrals from social workers, school personnel, doctors, and multiple mental health professionals in the area. Students have traveled to Cary from as far away as Marengo, Elk Grove Village, Harvard, Batavia, Hinsdale and Lake Geneva. We have a very experienced and caring staff that treat clients with a tremendous amount of care, thoughtfulness, and attention.

Social Thinking® curriculum is the work of

Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC-SLP.

Meet the Team

"I am a therapist who has referred clients to Mary as well as knowing clients who have family members (usually their children) working with Mary. The work that Mary and her team does is life-changing. I have seen adults, teens, and children who "get it" after meeting with Mary or being in one of the groups. The social perception concepts and strategies open up a whole new life for these clients...The practical tools, metaphors and personal attention Mary gives is a ticket for many to enter into the social world that has seemed so lonely and confusing."

Sheri Bland, MSW, LCSW


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